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SEO Consulting Services

SEO consulting services should result in concrete gains in the real world. So, the services that I include when consulting with clients are designed to do just that.

SEO Audit

SEO audits are useful for those who are looking for a comprehensive and in-depth look into the health and potentials of a website. An SEO audit will provide a detailed diagnosis of what is wrong with your site, and possible options of how to address each of the stated issues. Depending on the type of audit, there may also be information included about content strategy, and link outreach guidance. The SEO audit is customized to fit the needs, requirements and goals of each client.

SEO Planning

Once we have determined that SEO can be a positive addition to your overall marketing campaign, I can work with you (and/or your team) to develop a strategy, and accompaning tactics to establish an SEO process for your company website. The planning can be as basic or as sophisticated as your goals and needs require. It can also be based on the level of effort you are able to put in, and can incorporate not only in-house work but also external resources.

Content Strategy

The fundamental of every successful SEO campaign is good and useful content. Writing up a few service and product descriptions and adding an 'about' page to your site is not having good content. Useful SEO content is more than that. In this pursuit, I offer a SEO content strategy consulting services which helps figure out the basic content competency for your website. Once that is established, to expand content development activities in a highly polished and targeted manner.

SEO Guidance

The SEO guidance service is an informal version of ongoing search engine optimization consulting. You have your own SEO team, or work with an SEO company, but would like another pair of eyes looking over the process, then the SEO guidance option may be the right option for your company. The guidance could incorporate all aspects of SEO and inbound marketing, and can evolve into a comprehensive consulting service, but it allows for the flexibility that you may need for your business.

SEO Consulting

If the SEO guidance option is a bit too informal for your taste, then we can arrange a comprehensive relationship where my years of experience will buttress any and all SEO and inbound marketing efforts you have in place or may be looking to launch. The SEO consulting option can have many facets and include all the consulting services I provide. For smaller businesses the SEO consulting optino may be overkill, but if that is the case I will let you know during our initial conversation(s).

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the cornerstone of a successful search engine optimization campaign. Selecing the right keywords can help avoid wasting money on rankings that never convert, and are highly difficult to achieve. Selecting the wrong keywords can end up costing a lot of money in achieving SEO results for terms that simply do not convert or do not convert well enough to justify the level of effort that would be necessary to achieve useful results in the organic search engine result pages.

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