SEO Consultant in Los Angeles

Let’s figure out if SEO is right for you, what you can reasonably expect from an SEO campaign, and if it makes financial sense to engage in SEO.

SEO Guidance

You will not get a sales pitch. You can see a sales job from a mile away, and I have no interest in selling anything. Our initial conversation will revolved around whether SEO is the right solution for your business.

SEO Consulting

Once we have established that SEO may be a good option for your business, then we can decide what type of SEO services would be most likely to deliver a positive ROI for your business.

Want to get the process started but too lazy to submit more than just an email? You are in luck!

Would you like to tell me a bit about your business goals? Let’s start with an introductory email or call:

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Once we’ve had a chance to talk or exchange a few emails... will have realistic expectations about what is possible through search engine optimization, and have access to a Los Angeles based SEO consultant with over 15 years of SEO experience who is just a phone call (or email) away.

My name is Vacheh (an SEO expert based in Los Angeles), and I am here to help your business find the right SEO solution.

A couple of SEO resources

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What Google says about SEO An SEO tutorial

SEO Services

SEO consulting services should result in concrete gains in the real world. So, the services that I include when consulting with clients are designed to do just that.

Have questions? Get in touch with me and let’s start a conversation.

Content Strategy Consulting

The fundamental of every successful SEO campaign is good and useful content. Writing up a few service and product descriptions and adding an ‘about’ page to your site is not having good content. Useful SEO content is more than that. In this pursuit, I offer a SEO content strategy consulting services which helps figure out the basic content competency for your website. Once that is established, to expand content development activities in a highly polished and targeted manner in order to create value for potential clients. Additionally, the content has to be easily understood by search engines so that proper rankings can be assigned based on the value and relevance provided by the content.

SEO Cost

How much does SEO cost? Unlike a commodity, SEO pricing can vary by a great range depending on the site, the industry, the niche, the geography, and many other aspects of the business seeking out SEO.

If you are just curious about my hourly consulting fees, I charge $275 per hour. Of course, if you are seeking a deeper relationship we can figure out other arrangements.

About This Los Angeles Based SEO Consultant

I have been providing professional SEO consulting in Los Angeles for over sixteen years. My primary mission has changed overtime from getting websites to rank in search engines to keeping businesses from wasting money on the wrong type of SEO service. The pursuit of keyword rankings without a purposeful and goal-oriented approach has resulted in a lot of wasted money. Consequently, SEO has a very negative connotation for those who have had this wasteful experience. But it need not be this way.

In recent years, my mission of educating people about smart SEO has resulted in many conversations where I talk people out of investing money in SEO—the service from which I make my living. I don’t do this just out of the goodness of my heart—that’s part of it, but unhappy SEO clients make my life very difficult, because instead of spending time working on SEO strategies, I would end up my days on the phone with unhappy clients, and educating them about what SEO is and what is possible to achieve through SEO.

So now, instead of providing this education after they sign up, I make sure that it is done before they do, so that they know going in that SEO is not a magic solution for their traffic woes.

So, if you are looking for a professional SEO consultant to teach you about SEO, and evaluate whether your business is a good fit for SEO, then reach out to me. I’ll be glad to guide you along (or away from SEO).